Far Reaching

The percussion of automatic gunfire
rings loud a year later
rippling like a stone thrown in still waters
as a surviving child
caught in the wake of its violent echoes.

--for Sydney Aiello, 19... and all direct and indirect victims of gun violence

The intention...

I KNOW there is a ton of creativity out there. I follow it in all its different shapes, forms, colors and languages (even when I have no idea what they are saying) and I promote the efforts of others as much as I can. That being said, I've been sitting in the shadows for quite a while now and with the demise of G+ I've decided I'm not willing to let the spirit of that connected community just wither. So, I'm going to make you an offer...

Each week I'll post a "creative cue" here at The Rogue Nun and share it on Twitter (@MinnickLetitia) and maybe Instagram (letitiaminnick). Anyone who makes use of the prompt by way of writing, sketching, painting, photography, music, dance, fiber arts... ANYTHING creative can submit his/her/zis work by sending a link (or a copy of the piece if you have no link) to theroguenun@gmail.com. Use "Creative Cue" and the prompt in the subject line. I will add a new page to the blog entitled "Prompted" where I'll post EVERY submission link with a short description if possible (feel free to send whatever info you would like included and I promise to consider it). I will also take one submission per cue to feature the following week on the main blog page.

Ambitious? Maybe. It's really up to you.

One disclaimer: As much as I despise censorship of any kind, I will be adding a warning to those submissions I determine to be "adult only" content. I sincerely want to have this blog accessible to everyone and anyone and it's important to me to keep the opportunity available to young artists too. :)

Ready for the first creative cue?

Throwing Rocks

Gate's open...

2019... and it begins again.

I never really leave The Rogue Nun. Or rather... she never really leaves me. She sits in her current incarnation until I come around to myself again or... until she finds a new guise to adorn for yet another trip out of the ashes. For now, I've changed her look (the photo was taken in Shakespeare's Garden, Central Park NY years ago) and I have some ideas brewing as well as a few irons already in the fire.

It's Spring and a fitting time to begin again... stay tuned. ;)

All my love and appreciation. ~Lettie

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