Haiku [untitled]

Winter and the cold
snow bring the dark-eyed juncos.
My heart, full, watches.

Inktober 2020 - Days 1 - 3

Yes, I am attempting 31 drawings in 31 days again this year. I've decided to follow the official inktober prompt list and I'm adding a little more color now and then. I didn't follow a prompt list last year and, given that there are so many good prompt lists to pick from, I decided to go with the original.

For more information about the inktober challenge, I recommend going straight to the source at inktober.com.

Day 1 - FISH

Day 2 - WISP

Day 3 - BULKY

September Trio

little song sparrow
ever watchful for danger
eating in silence
peanuts and feed corn
left for a friendly squirrel
stolen by blue jays
crisp autumn sunrise
and brisk tea in bone china
all else fades away

GISH 2020

 For those of you who have never heard of GISH (Great International Scavenger Hunt), well... it is a (rather large) group of do-gooders getting silly for a week. See what it is all about here. Due to the pandemic, it was a bit different this year but still fun and (mostly) helpful to the planet. Below are most of my contributions for this year...


Monster/Cryptid made from salt

American politics in a nutshell

Amabie image to thwart COVID-19

Poetic Paralysis

Words hide
as the pen paints
an ever-darkening scribble
on the page.
A black circle
spirals inward taking
more white with every turn—
a hole
gorging itself on time.


Clover flourishes on the verge—
a thick green carpet boxed in
between concrete and asphalt.
Its small white blooms reach skyward
silently pleading
for mercy from the mower.



A stone

carelessly skipped

creates surface shockwaves

spreading out in all directions;


and yet, the beat of fragile wings

can cause ripples to rise

to tidal waves


Hello... it's been a while.

We are almost at the end of September and I realize I haven't posted here since June. This pandemic continues to confound. It's been a little over six months...

Greg and I are still basically self-quarantined in our home. I am working remote full time (and very grateful for my current employment). We take turns walking Atticus at least three times a day and I have gone into the office a handful of times to handle physical logistics. Besides that... a trip to the post office to drop off cards and letters... a trip to the pharmacy to pick up Greg's prescriptions... a couple of groomer appointments to keep Atty from becoming Cousin It and a drive to the park now and then to remember that there is still a world more than a couple of blocks from our front door. We are fortunate to be able to have our groceries delivered (and to be able to afford that) and it's good that we cohabitate well.

Six months.

The next few posts will feature some poetry and artwork I've worked on since June. I'll try to present more content more often... I sincerely hope you and all you hold dear are well and finding the light and love and happiness in life.

With kindness,

Latest Tangles...

Sometimes it's easier to focus through poetry... and sometimes the poems have no words. 😊💜

Choose to be happy...


Submerged in Edelmann daydreams
of pushing buttons and fixing holes,
I find myself adrift—
a nowhere man floating
with all the lonely people in a sea of monsters,
doing my darnedest
to avoid the meanies of mindless politics
and a rising death toll.
Just when I think it’s all too much,
birdsong pierces Pepperland
and, with a little help from my friends,
I realize we’re all together now
and all you need is love.

While I realize many may not be able to fully appreciate this poem, I am unapologetic. All I will say is Edelmann refers to the creator of the animated film The Yellow Submarine. If you are not familiar with the movie or the eight Beatles song references, please take the time to look them up. The message is timeless and much needed these days.

Haiku [untitled]

Winter and the cold snow bring the dark-eyed juncos. My heart, full, watches.