Inktober 52 2022 Prompts 1 - 6

FROG (Think Coat Toggle)

Yes... it's an octopus thing. 😉

Tiny Cuts

The path is narrow—
the drop off steep on either side.
“Don’t look down” doesn’t work 
when the weeds of old routines 
entangle, unraveling like an old cassette tape 
played too often and stretched too thin, 
wrap around my ankles
threatening my knees.
Stumbling, I fall from flat ground, 
my finger tips grapple with gravel 
sharp and loose 
until I find purchase in a word—
I breathe 
for a moment lying still, 
acknowledging the pain of tiny cuts 
and clamber back onto the walkway.

Black Friday: A Morning on the Mountain

The sun, unable to push 
through heavy clouds, breaks 
the day in layers of gray.
As wind dances 
across corn fields now barren, 
I stand among the young oaks 
planted along the roadside 
still and grateful for silence.

Inktober Tangles 2021

Because I just didn't have enough to do in October, I took on the added challenge of Inktober Tangles too... I didn't actually finish the project until early November but, hey, I got it done! 😁

As with Inktober, I posted individual prompts on my Instagram account: @letitiaminnick

Inktober 2021

Well... It's over and I feel I finally earned my 31 ink drop pin this year (I guess I'll have to order it. 😉) 

For more information about Inktober and the man who originally thought it up, click here.

I post mostly on Instagram. If you would like to see what I did for each prompt individually, I'm at @letitiaminnick.

The list:

My contribution:

Zentangle - Meditation #1

I thought it might be nice to share some of my "practice" work.

Wishing you peace.


Contemplation of a Dark Anniversary: For Ukraine 2.24.2023

  #standwithukraine #prayersforukraine #peaceforukraine Ink and watercolor on paper