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[Untitled Haiku]

Corporate Caecilian

Baltimore, MD: April 27, 2015

Birthday Haiku

[Untitled Haiku]

Monday 2:30PM [Haiku]

Reluctant Dragonfly

Greased Verse

Up Against It

Chomping at the Bit

Night Terrors

Recipe for Recollection

Bah! Relief?

A Mind Under Stress...

Ray of Light [Fibonacci - Acending and Decending Variation]



Cleaning House

[Untitled Haiku]

Heights in a Hurricane [Cinquain]

Mourning's Ritual

Tranquil Tanka

Nokia Nightmare

[Untitled Haiku]

Four Days in Spring

Early Morning Air

Determined Devotion

A Turn of the Vice

Exile, Self-Imposed