Longing for Poseidon [Fibonacci]

Sea breeze buffeting
the laughing gull's clean white feathers
brings tears to my eyes.
The brine swells
and I

Ishtar's Demise

Her face was flawless,
her structure sound,
her strength and grace were world renowned.
Owned by none but claimed by all,
the Fates decreed that she should fall.
Now in pieces strewn apart
one can see she had no heart.

Gratitude to Bekkie Sanchez for the challenge and Mag 280 for the image.

Formidable Opposition

Tiny fingers tap the table top
pushed to the back of my mind.
Incessant pen clicking follows
furiously forcing a pulse
to rise at my left temple.

The muse ignored
does not suffer this practical fool gladly.

Cycling Incubus

I awoke in pain and alone vaguely recalling the recent car accident. Momentarily confusing stair railings for the bars of a hospital be...