And Here I Am... Again.

It seems I run in circles... chasing my tail in an effort to come back to who I am. I guess I am not so different from a lot of people - especially as I face my 42nd birthday. Middle-age. What does that mean exactly?
I have been struggling to "get back to my poetry" to "find time" to "come back to center." Trying... and therein lies the problem: trying and not doing. Very recently I have searched for a writing community for inspiration and camaraderie and I've come away dissatisfied and restless. I do not fault the online and local communities. It's definitely me not them. So... here I am again looking at the computer screen and realizing the gift I was given so many years ago. The Nun never goes away. She just sits, contemplates, and waits for me to come home.

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Anonymous said...

It is good to see The Nun again. She adapts and thrives, as do you.



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