Five Minute Friday: Relevant

Chasing after the demands
dreams of others
having that sense of responsibility
obligation to please
I see myself with each moment growing more pale
more transparent
more invisible
and in the dark if I allow
the silence to quiet my thoughts
I can feel an arm around me
permitting me to feel
the fatigue
the pain
the loss of myself
and with the night’s tears dried
I sit typing before this mirror for my mind
to find myself solid again
my desires
my dreams again relevant.

Thanks again to The Gypsy Mama and all the others who join in the Five Minute Friday for your inspiration.

Five Minute Friday: Beyond

My love has struggled to see
beyond the cataract of his right eye,
beyond the hemorrhaging of his left,
beyond the general condition
of his being,
his control
and my ability to fix it.
I waited for him
to finally stand at the edge of acceptance
so we could jump
together blind
beyond the known
and fully embrace the free-fall of hope.

I love you Greg. Thank you for trusting me… I promise I will never let go.

Five Minute Friday: Catch

Here I sit –
again up extra early to pay bills before work
to cram as much as possible
into an hour and a half before
I cram as much as is demanded in eight.
Numbers added,
and triple-checked,
I close the planner and
grab the mouse to shut down
and catch myself.
It’s Friday
and I made a promise
to me…

Thanks Gypsy Mama for helping me to keep that promise...

Five Minute Friday: Ordinary

Having fastened off for a new color,
I turn the last row of single-crochet and look
across the room at the man sleeping on the couch
with his hand draped over the dog
sleeping on the floor.
The sound of gentle snoring,
more from the dog than from the man, mingles
with the drone of engines and talking heads on the television
as cars chase each other in an endless oval of left-turns.
An uneventful afternoon fills my soul
with a snapshot of heaven.

Thanks again to The Gypsy Mama for her inspiration...

A Cook’s Tour

I rise before the sun,
washing, dressing,
preparing for another day
of pushing paper and dodging drama.
With back and joints screaming to return to bed,
I plop myself instead
into the old thrift store orange vinyl chair
ready for inspiration.
No external prompt to prod my muse.
Sitting shocked,
unintentionally holding my breath,
I stretch my fingers for the keys
and start to drive without direction
or destination.
Disappointment takes a soft left
as words skip onto the electronic page.
I smile in spite of myself
feeling like I’ve just found an empty field
full of fireflies.

I’m noticing a lot of road and driving metaphor in my work lately. Perhaps my subconscious is going somewhere… or demanding that I do. ;)

On the Great Road Trip of Life

I've added two pages in an attempt to round out the blog. One is the history and acknowledgment page "What brought me to this and people who matter..." and the other is "Work in Print" which lists my published portfolio. The tabs are at the top of the page if you are interested in knowing some of where I come from as a writer.

Please let me say that although I believe past accomplishments are important, I don't think it's wise to "lean" on them. I don't want to miss the life before me by looking too much in my rear-view mirror. I've included these pages to honor and bless where I've been and now look forward to the road ahead.

Just so you know, I have plenty of room left in this land yacht of life experience so feel free to hitch a ride for a while... everyone's welcome and I ALWAYS have something to talk about. ;)

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