Five Minute Friday: Beyond

My love has struggled to see
beyond the cataract of his right eye,
beyond the hemorrhaging of his left,
beyond the general condition
of his being,
his control
and my ability to fix it.
I waited for him
to finally stand at the edge of acceptance
so we could jump
together blind
beyond the known
and fully embrace the free-fall of hope.

I love you Greg. Thank you for trusting me… I promise I will never let go.


Andrea Dawn said...

I really like the way you write, Lettie, few words that speak volumes. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment.

Cindy said...

Completely beautiful.
Free fall of hope
Thank you for your words Lettie.

Letitia said...

Thank you... :)

Anonymous said...

Lettie, I have to agree with the others, your words have power and are beautifully expressing your feelings.
Thanks for visiting me!

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