Five Minute Friday: Grow

At seventeen,
I thought I had things pretty much together.
At twenty-six,
I’d felt I’d reached a point of maturity
bigger than my skin.
At thirty,
I celebrated physically reaching my mental age.
battered and blessed at forty-two,
I feel another growth spurt coming on…
Tentative, I peek out from the comforter
to face new possibilities.
Putting my feet to a familiar
but unfamiliar floor, I breathe
and stand—
waiting to see
if it is just another fantasy
or finally time to let the hem out.

For those who were wondering... while the poems are always written in five minutes (or actually under five mostimes), I admit to formatting line breaks after. Thanks again to Lisa-Jo for her writing prompt and for introducing me to community of beautiful people. She has helped me to keep writing (if only briefly) at least once a week and I am truly grateful.


Anonymous said...

Very nice poem Lettie. I agree this 5 minutes is a great idea and I can enjoy reading you!
Each year brings its dose of pleasures and we grow with each new adventure.
have a great week-end!

Annie said...

I'm so happy to have found you & your poems through the Gypsy Mama's link up. I really appreciate what you wrote (and how you wrote it!). The beauty of growing older and knowing less, and learning to live with mystery... It brings to mind the lyrics of the Avett Brothers' song "Backwards with Time." Thanks for sharing.

JavaMama said...

Isn't it funny how growth means different things at different times in our lives! I enjoyed reading your post today, and I can relate!

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