Five Minute Friday: Remember

A swirl of cigar smoke
steadily brushed to my face and beyond
by brine-filled breezes and spray
from the water ever-crashing at our feet,
the moon sliding behind
dark cotton-candy clouds
then peeking out again to see if we were still watching…
and not alone
on that prohibited night beach,
surrounded by shadows of unknown ancestors
and wrapped in the fullness of being together
in the cacophony of wind and waves
etching our revered moment into memory.

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Kris said...

What a lovely poem... in just five minutes. Friend, you have a beautiful gift! Thank you for this, I felt like I was right there on that beach! Bless you!

Eva Trillian said...

Just beautiful!
Thank you for bringing me here with your lovely comment on my post!

Letitia said...

Thank you both. Have a wonderful day and weekend... full of remembrances. :)

Anonymous said...

Lettie, you should write more often, you have a real talent - your poetry is full of images, how easy it is to find ourselves on this beach, it's like a painting taking life.
Have a lovely day and week-end!

joan said...

Absolutely beautiful poem...

Thank you for the memory

Letitia said...

@MarieHarmony... Thank you. My father was an artist by trade so your description of my poetry touches me especially deep. Thank you. I hold the intention to choose to write more often... I find mundane life and the struggles with being caretaker for sick loved ones draining but I know if I were to funnel my tiredness into writing it would be more therapeutic than sinking into a chair at night... thank you for words and your inspiration. I do follow your poetry faithfully. :)

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