Five Minute Friday: Tired

The call came in last Sunday morning.
I heard only snips of sentences
as my world began to list sharply starboard…
Your uncle has fallen…
taking him to the ER…
you need to come now to secure the house and dog…
A voice somewhere distant
but within me
assured them I would be there as soon as I could.
And taking on a rush of dark water,
I forced myself to breathe one last breath of clear air
and dove in.
Six days at sea
with brine in my eyes
and limbs aching from swimming
through work,
tending to animals,
and fighting with sharks snapping fear at a frightened man
as a means to take away his confidence
and independence
simply because he has guaranteed insurance to pay them.
And now, on the seventh day, I can see shore.
He is coming home and I will be there
with wet eyes and a weary smile
and my feet again planted firmly in the sand.

So my Friday turned into Saturday… it’s okay. I struggle to take care of all I care for and still have managed to write this week for myself. I had to smile when I saw this week’s prompt – there are no coincidences. :) Love to all… Happy December.


Andrea Dawn said...

I can just imagine how tired you must be. It matters not that this post is on Saturday . . . it was clearly something you needed to write and it was my honour to bear witness to your struggle. Blessings to you as you continue to be there for your uncle.

nicolewian said...

Glad that with all you found time to write.

Letitia said...

Thank you both. :) @Andrea Dawn: Thanks for the support and for witnessing what seems like the roller-coaster of my life. My uncle called me this afternoon for moral support and so I went over... the hospital filled him with so much fear that I think it will take him a little time to "get the butterflies out" of doing things he was so used to doing effortlessly. It has really upset me that he lost so much confidence in himself. *shaking head* He worries now that he is a burden... I am only grateful that he is now home and can truly begin to heal with the love from his dog and all the comfort and love Greg and I can give him. It is difficult to see an old Scotsman cry... Thank you again for the light.

Eva Trillian said...

If one could send strength across earth with a sentence I would!

rivercat said...

wonderful writing. Happy December :)

Letitia said...

You can and do send strength, Eva. Thank you. :) Thanks too rivercat... may your December be bright.

Unknown said...

Lettie, when I saw this week's Five Minute Friday, I was like "How perfect!" I hope that your "Tired" becomes "Well rested"

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