Five Minute Friday: Vivid

The alarm clock peals
and I’m startled
to find myself in the dark.
The white table,
the warm tea,
my father –
just in front of me,
now gone.
Our conversation as real as my tears.


Anonymous said...

aw, i've been there, friend.

this is beautiful.


Dammy said...

wow. simple, yet so vivid. Made me tear up a little!

HopeUnbroken said...

ah, yes. i dream in vividness, too, and sometimes it is harder on the heart than the real day!
simply, but beautifully told.

Eileen said...

I love this post. So few words, yet I can feel your heart-ache. Your last line is so powerful too.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, so real, so true. You painted it with simple words but the image is there and memories come back in a flash.
Thanks Lettie and have a great day.

Eva Trillian said...

Your beautiful words tug at my heart, brings tears to my eyes ...
Awesome post!

Andrea Dawn said...

As always, Lettie, you say so much in such few words. Strikingly, hauntingly beautiful words. Thank you.

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