A Quick Note...

There are "Links of Interest" on this page - all of which mean something to me. But, as I took some time this morning to begin my day with inspiration deeper than what is on my daily work agenda, I caught up with one of those links and now feel compelled to mention it in the hopes that those who have not gone there will.

Diary of a Heart in Transit is the creation of a beautiful soul who reaches out and gives compassion and space to all who would make this a better world. Her thoughts, poetry, interviews... all have been a source of comfort and hope for me. If you will, please take the time to visit... and thank you MarieHarmony. I guess I needed your words this morning. :)

Choosing to spread light...


Anonymous said...

This is so lovely Lettie, I saw your words on my page today, you are such a sweet person. Sometime I wish I can meet face to face the beautiful people I met since I start blogging. One day maybe, I hope!
Your support and your words are giving me much energy and courage. Life is tough sometime but beautiful many other times. Only these times count really.
Take care Lettie and be blessed for sharing much love.
Your friend. Marie

Letitia said...

Thank you Marie... for sharing all parts of your journey and encouraging others to do the same. We never know where our roads may cross, anything is possible. ;) I am happy we've met out here in cyberspace. Be free and love much.
Friends. ~Lettie

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