Walking under workmen’s ladders,
stepping on a sidewalk crack,
picking pennies tail-side up,
crossing paths with big black cats…

Turning the calendar page,
  the number 13 burns into my existence.
After a month of constant obstacles and setbacks,
  I smile
    knowing our luck is about to change.

The computer was down for half of June and the very beginning of July (the mother board blew) which accounts for most of my silence of late. I very much appreciate your visits during my “quiet time” and thank you for your patience. May your Friday the Thirteenth (and every other day too) be happy. :)


Anonymous said...

Glad to read you again Lettie! This day seems a happy day so far........I think it is what we make of each one that counts really.
Take care dear and thanks for your prayers for my friends. xx

Eva Trillian said...

*waves* Good to "see you" :)
Happy weekend!

Andrea Dawn said...

Good to see you back, been watching for you.

Letitia said...

Thank you Ladies. Seeing your words always makes me smile. It is humbling to be so blessed. :) May you all be well and happy!

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