December 2012... The Month It All Shifted

The free-fall of autumn
skidded to a screeching stop
seven days before Christmas.

Clawing out from under the yoke of expectation,
I steeled myself against the frigid aftermath of
good intentions gone wrong,
lies, and accusations.

What I found
as I faced the frost
was a sturdy blanket wrapped around my shoulders
and a warm cup of kindness
waiting by the phone.

My hope is that all of you, my friends and relations, arrive safely in a new year full of better health, happier times, and wealth beyond your wildest dreams (whatever wealth looks like for you). May you be reminded that you are loved on a daily basis (if not hourly) and may you choose to stand in your own truth without fear and without judgment. You are forever beautiful.

Happy 2013!


Eva Trillian said…
Wishing you quiet times, kind adventures, peace of mind, safe days and love in a new year filled with grace.