Marking Books: Gator a-go-go by Tim Dorsey

Okay, I finally get what my brother and Greg (and a whole slew of other people) have been talking about. Yes, I absolutely adore Serge A. Storms. Never mind that he is seriously manic, a bit deranged, and kills people in a variety of interesting and inventive ways – they are usually… I won’t say deserving but… let’s just say they are usually not very good people.

Gator a-go-go is yet another of Dorsey’s insane romps through the Sunshine State – this time documenting the history of Spring Break and all its debauchery. FBI agents and a cocaine kingpin bob and weave with Serge, his sidekick, Coleman, and their expanding following of college students as irony and near-miss encounters mount in a frenzy of hilarity. While not for the faint of heart or for the easily offended, Gator a-go-go is a fun ride.

After spending six weeks resident training at Southeastern Academy of Travel and Tourism in Kissimmee, FL back in 1988, I was convinced Floridians were crazy and that I would never want to live there. After reading Gator a-go-go, I feel my initial impressions were correct and my aversion to the state has been validated. ;)

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