I Didn’t See It: Inspired by PSH Poetry Prompt 4-24-13

I didn’t see it--
the source of the
in rapid succession
then pause
and tap-tap-tap-tap-tap.

close to my ear
but as yet unseen,
the tap-tap-tap-tap-tap
through the early morning air,
betraying the presence
of a red bellied beauty
to my delight and,
no doubt,
to the bark bugs' dismay.

The prompt for April 24, 2013 was submitted by Scott Wiggerman from Austin, Texas:
All too often we get caught up with purely visual images; this is a prompt focused on aural ones. Go sit somewhere outside (e.g., a park bench, front stoop, bus stop, etc.). Listen carefully to all the sounds you hear, making a list of them (close your eyes if it helps eliminate visual cues). Use approximations of sounds if need be (e.g., wha-wha-whee-ee to describe a bird noise). After you have a sufficient list, read it aloud (more aural!) and choose five sounds, words, or phrases that resonate with you (or perhaps suggest additional images you hadn’t considered). Use these as a basis for a nature poem titled "I Didn’t See It."

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