Music Monday-Song Three: Robert Fripp - Sky


Weightless and rising through
the obliqueness of white mist
refracted into pristine prisms
by an indeterminate light.

Remembrance reverberates in sounds
unspoken yet all-encompassing
as white gives way to black
and diffused rainbows meld
into nebulas and galaxies spiral
to dance with the stars.

Mass is no more...
all dissolves into nothing
and everything.

Well I certainly got something 'lighter' didn't I?! ;) To listen to the prompt go to:


Bekkie Sanchez said...

This is so beautiful! Today I wrote a poem I don't think I ever would of written without writing with you. Thanks!

Letitia said...

If you wrote just one piece you would not have written without writing with me, then I have returned at least a small part of the favor... your prompts have kept me focused and writing. Thank you. :)

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