Music Monday-Song Two: Sleep Party People - I'm Not Human At All

Sifting Through Aftermath 

Feet shuffle past
debris of what was--
now wanton wasteland.

Weary voices watered
down as if talking
through tin tunnels,
grasp at fog
while wind chimes,
punctuate the would-be pain.

Interesting choice for prompt this week... hopefully something a little brighter will soon be on the horizon. To hear the prompt, go to:


Bekkie Sanchez said...

I see people call you Lettie. I will too, easier for me to spell (my eye problem.) I think you should get your blog archive back at the top on the right. You should never make your readers search for the contents. (In this case scroll.) Just keep the rest of the line up and move the archive to the top. (Just a friendly suggestion.)

Letitia said...

People call me a lot of things! LOL! I answer to either Lettie or Letitia so, whichever is easier for you is just fine. :) Thank you for for suggestion... I did move things around a little bit. I still need time to sit and play with this. (sigh) Soooooooon.

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