Fantasy in a Fool's Paradise

Crawling between the gilded pages
of a once upon a time,
she waits among the wildflowers
wishing to be whisked away
by the battle-worn knight
from a yesteryear that never was.

Shire horses and whitetail deer
calmly roam her bucolic dream scape
as witches brew infernal nightmares
beyond the shadowed glade--
conspiring to cast the fated bolt
to jolt her back into reality.

Written as part of B.S. Poets/Poet Share, 8/10/13, Prompt Number Four

1. Write a short poem or vignette about the Gif or image.
2. Link back to Poet Share/B.S. Poets from your post.
3. Sign up in the Mr. Linky list, linking directly to your post, AFTER you've posted.
4. Read the other pieces and leave a comment after linking.

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Bekkie Sanchez said...

Really nice, on site! ;^)

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