Norn's Distraction

Drawing water from the well
to care for the Yggdrasill tree,
she spies the bubbles of the lives
that only she can see.

She watches as the lovers dance
and as harsh wars unfold;
she sees the quests of those who wish
for nothing but for gold.

Slowly, she pulls the strands of hair
to weave the twine of fate
for they'll not know of her idle folly
until it is much too late.

Written as part of B.S. Poets/Poet Share, 8/3/13, Prompt Number Three.

1. Write a short poem or vignette about the Gif or image.
2. Link back to Poet Share/B.S. Poets from your post.
3. Sign up in the Mr. Linky list, linking directly to your post, AFTER you've posted.
4. Read the other pieces and leave a comment after linking.

As we support and encourage others, we support and encourage ourselves.


Bekkie Sanchez said...

That was wonderful! Love the bubbles of lives, and learned about a new tree! Sorry I got behind I was really sick with a high fever so didn't do much of anything! I posted for the missing month and am caught up. Now I need to start writing again. I though by now we might have a few more people linking but I guess they don't see how it has the potential for drawing people to your work at least. Writers for the most part can be a lazy bunch. If you write for your own website, why not link? I got a year to test this out so I'll find out. Mag is still going strong but is run by a famous poetry author (who's also on G+.) I am a nobody. Back to work!

Letitia said...

Thank you. I am unhappy to hear you have been ill and, you are not a nobody. ;) I hope you are feeling better. I'll do what I can to catch up to your catching up.

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