Loosening the Laces

I first danced in his arms
then on his toes
as he told me not to follow
in his footsteps
but to take the risk,
push down the petal
and grab the wheel
with both hands.

As the path grows longer,
into the halls of necessity,
I find myself wearing his shoes
and long to run barefoot.

Inspired by: Poet Share 9/28/13, Number Eleven

1 comment:

Bekkie Sanchez said...

Just awesome! I have been reading your work long enough to know you miss your father very much. So do I, I so get it! I never told you this but my father was brutally murdered in his own home with his own hand gun. It's a story I long to tell in a book but don't have the tools to do it just the story. The guy who did it is still free and had a family. Sorry to bring this up but your poetry had that effect on me today so it's all your fault. Lol! This was a long time ago 1990 so I'm okay. I love this one it's wonderful!
I have a category on Poetry Plus for these poems and I am posting my links there after linking here to get more coverage through G+. You may want to share this and others from here there too but it's up to you.

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