The Path Over Travelled

I hitched a ride
with the evening news
to wander around the world for a while.

Detouring politics
and skirting business,
we accelerated toward African famine
and Middle Eastern turmoil.

Cruising through earthquakes
and wildfires,
tornadoes and floods,
we slowed to witness atrocities
in countless colors and denominations
lingering on what seemed
every street corner of the globe.

It was when I saw the slaughtered children
that I jumped out the window
and tumbled to the soft grass verge of home --
wishing simply walking backwards
could wipe away the vision
of splattered blood.

Written as part of B.S. Poets/Poet Share, 8/31/13, Prompt Number Seven.  

1. Write a short poem or vignette about the Gif or image. 
2. Link back to Poet Share/B.S. Poets from your post. 
3. Sign up in the Mr. Linky list, linking directly to your post, AFTER you've posted. 
4. Read the other pieces and leave a comment after linking.

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