Things That Go Bump...

Reading aloud to my love,
we step into the tale together--
we laugh
we comment
we push past the need for sleep
to squeeze in another chapter.

Hoarse and tired,
I close the book and my eyes
as he asks why
it seems so many stories go subterranean--
he not being a fan of deep dark places
and our current scene being
the sewers of 1860's London.

I sigh
and remind the horror writer
of what makes his work successful.

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Bekkie Sanchez said...

A very personal moment shared! :^) I am here to remind you I am done with Poet Share and was very happy with the place it took me. MM is mine this week so look forward to the music I am looking for something tasty. I realize with each new poem that what Joe Dennis said once on pw is getting to be so true. He said; "You are finding the poet within you and it's a nice thing to see." Probably not exact words but close. I am always the last to "see" something it seems but when I do I never forget it.

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