Making an Impression

Blue jeans frayed at the heel.
Black bobos worn almost gray--
the holes in the the soles
patched by rubber cement
and duct tape.

With a Copenhagen tin ring
etched in his right back pocket
and a Snap-On cap nearly rotting off
a head full of unkempt curls,
he takes all of his seventeen years
to the street, strutting
with an air of confidence
he doesn't really feel.

Inspired by: The Byrds - Stranger In A Strange Land (Instrumental)


Eva Trillian said...

The essence of so many teenagers in these lines. Gives me mixed feelings with a touch of ache for them - wanting to keep them safe and still let them be brave enough to live their mistakes ...

Letitia said...

It's funny how music can inspire a memory from one's youth... it's even funnier to see how some things don't change over time. Same script, different actors. Thanks for visiting, Eva. Just seeing your name brightens my day. :)

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