Thursday, November 28, 2013 - An Acrostic Poem

The silence of the morning
has a centered stillness all its own.
As the sun breaks the horizon,
nature greets the day with birdsong,
kindling a gladness of spirit
soaring above the worries of the past.
Gaining a softer perspective,
I sit quiet
vacating my mind of what was,
inviting the grace of what is,
nestled safe and comfortable and
grateful for this day.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Andrea Dawn said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Lettie . . . thanks for letting me share in "the grace of what is". Your artistry with words always makes me smile.

dsblanchard said...

I got this off Facebook after Andrea Dawn shared it there. Beautiful! Thank you!

Eva Trillian said...

Hoping you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Eva

Letitia said...

Thank you Andrea... I am happy we share grace in so many forms. And thank you too for sharing me on Facebook... I've sworn off of it in even though so many repeatedly request that I return. It's humbling to know that my words go places I don't tread. :)

Letitia said...

Thank you! Andrea Dawn is a dear heart for sharing it. I'm glad you liked it. :)

Letitia said...

Thanks Eva! It was a lovely day (my grandmother's roll recipe came out perfect!) and I hope to stretch out the gratefulness well into the weekend. :) As always, so grateful for our connections...

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