Thwarted by thunder,
the concrete concerto
strikes a sour chord
as a dripping cellist
protects his precious partner
and a practical painter watches
acrylic realism melt
into impressionistic watercolor.


Prompted by Mag 203
Musician in the Rain, Maurice Baquet, Paris, 1957 by Robert Doisneau


Bekkie Sanchez said...

An awesome write I enjoyed it very much! Tight write, wow!

Unknown said...

I agree with Bekkie. Awesome and tight.

Sue J said...

Well written. Succinct. Nice Mag.

Helena said...

Now that's being taken care of! Lovely piece!

Katherine said...

I love this ... some might think the painter is a little odd trying to paint in the rain but he probably see's what you've seen... opportunity for unique art!

phil said...

wonderful! bravo!

Letitia said...

Wow! I wasn't expecting that much response. LOL! Thanks everyone!

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