Monday Musings: February 3, 2014 - Word/Phrase Prompt

Prompt: The Horse

What to do: Write, film, compose, draw, paint, or otherwise express yourself based on the concept of “The Horse.” If you are open to sharing, just put a link to your inspired creation in the comments section of this post. :)

Prompt inspired by: Chinese New Year 2014

I have to admit, I considered looking for a website to highlight based upon the Chinese New Year or on horses (Shire being my favorite breed) but... since the inspiration was simply the holiday, I decided to leave it as is. Happy New Year everyone!

My take on this week's prompt:

Work Horse

February snow still falling
with six inches on the ground,
the old mare steps from the stable
to clear the path
in preparation to pull the plow.


Bekkie Sanchez said...

I love horses and this is my year so I'll try today! Just got here and aren't running a prompt on G+ anymore. I'm doing my own thing with Mag, and one other place (if I like the prompt) online so it's just little ole' me. Lol! I plan on getting more serious and less into Gifs (at least on G+.)

I am thrilled because Daisy Mariposa finally answered me and let me into her International poetry community on G+. Somehow she got the idea that I would only post my poetry with Gifs and she "hates" them. Used to do it as a living. Who thunk huh????

Besides Tess she's another poet I admire that I met online through their sites and she posts a lot about forms and is serious about poetry. So I got into a community on G+ for poetry I may enjoy! I had to assure her I was serious about poetry. Lmao! All I do is post on G+ and not just Gifs but obviously some people are getting the wrong idea.

I look forward to writing some quality poetry this year and pull away from Gifs (at least with my poetry.) Never thought it'd hurt but don't want to get fenced in already with something that may hurt my chances later. And I just started a new Gif Community to move my other one into that' private. Tee hee! Oh well! It's just for posting but rumors aren't specific are they?

Got a question? When you write for a prompt and get specific do you feel the poem is bare without it?

Have a good rest of the week! We are finally getting rain it's heaven but cold! I wore a skirt out today and regretted it! Lol! Later Lettie!

Bekkie Sanchez said...

I almost missed your poem! Lettie I'm worried about you! Are you getting a chance to relax and stuff? I notice this year you've been distant and although you said you'd post more public I haven't seen any of your work. Looking forward to it when you do. Maybe you should post some and cheer yourself up when someone likes it. You may be doing your day in day out thing but it's not enough you must look beyond the stable! Hugs!

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