Monday Musings: March 10, 2014 - Image Prompt

Sunbather, 2014. Photo by Letitia Minnick

What to do: Write, film, compose, draw, paint, or otherwise express yourself based on the image above. If you are open to sharing, just put a link to your inspired creation in the comments section of this post. :)

Prompt inspired by: My (almost) nine-year-old four-legged son, Milo. :)

Please forgive the blatant favoritism this week... Milo just received what could be the best (albeit most traumatic) grooming he has ever had and, after his being extremely ill most of this winter, I could just sit and look upon him for hours. (We're still a bit watchful of his health but trusting that he has recovered and will only get healthier with the oncoming Springtime.)

My take on this week's prompt:


insistent, this
little white dog
owns all my heart.


Letitia said...

Please visit meme sugaronwheels at: (just copy the url and paste it into your browser). ;)

It's a touching story and a wonderful reminder of how important it is for us to share love and knowledge from young to old and old to young.

Thank you for sharing meme and for writing!

Bekkie Sanchez said...

I wonder why the links don't work?

Bekkie Sanchez said...

I could only think of one thing when it comes to dogs so I'll have to re-share this week.
I do have this: Dog is God spelled backwards which is why they are so awesome!

Doggone Dog, 10/13/13

Doggone dog
Denying disappointment daily
Deftly digs deep ditches
Diligently in dirt
Destroying defenseless daffodils
Disregarding demographics
Disappearing dramatically
Different days
Doggone distressing.

Bekkie Sanchez ©

For more of my work please visit:

Letitia said...

I don't know Bekkie and it's really annoying me. I'm working on finding out what I can do about it.

Letitia said...

One of my favorites! Thanks for posting Bekkie! :)

Bekkie Sanchez said...

I just tried it on my site and it worked. Is there something you added to your blog lately? A widget or anything that might have changed something?

You must be busy no prompt yet this week. I started a g+ prompt again in Google Green Earth. These prompts will be based on the earth if you ever want to drop in you're already a member.

I hope things are good. Is Greg's eye surgery holding up? I don't look forward to having my good lense done. I've been busy writing like you said. I'm trying not to be so critical of my own work. Have a good week!

Letitia said...

I don't know what's up with the comment links... it may be the theme I'm using. I'll get to it somehow, someway. I'll check out your new prompt when I can. April is fast upon us and I'm hoping to do a poem a day for National Poetry Month if I can manage it. We'll see.

Greg is doing fairly well -- the eye is holding up great. However, Milo has been ill most of the winter and we've only just found out that he has pancreatitis. He is officially off ALL grain and most starches. Hopefully we can get his numbers down and manage it through diet. He'll be nine on April 28th and with him and his Papa chronically ill, it takes its toll on me sometimes. Of course, when the water heater decides to bite the dust at the same time as everything else... (sigh) you understand, I'm sure.

I am happy you are writing and there is no need to be so critical of your work. Just keep writing! I'll do my best to shake off the anxieties and join you. :)

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