Monday Musings: April 14, 2014 - Image Prompt

Photo by Bing Wright, Broken Mirror/Evening Sky (Kodak Provia), 2012, Archival 
Inkjet Print, 70-3/4 x 56-5/8 inches

What to do: Write, film, compose, draw, paint, or otherwise express yourself based on the image above. If you are open to sharing, just put a link to your inspired creation in the comments section of this post. :)

Prompt inspired by:
I find Bing Wright's photographs extremely inspiring. Thanks also to +Eva Trillian for introducing his work to me.


Letitia said...
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Letitia said...

PS. I found a tip for getting the url's to work in comments... see The Bexter Review

Bekkie Sanchez said...

I don't get it, links do work on my Blogger sites. I hope I can follow her directions! Okay I'm gonna write for this today. Have a nice one Lettie!

Bekkie Sanchez said...

Okay I'm trying it and we'll see if it works or if I did it right. Not the best poem I've written-what do you think? I know I can get way too silly at times. Just in case it doesn't work: I had fun with this write all the same!
Didn't work I got this:
Your HTML cannot be accepted: Closing tag has no matching opening tag: A I don't know what this means sorry.

Letitia said...

Hmmm... it's a html anchor reference code. I'm not sure why it didn't work for you. Let me see: href="">Bekkie's Link

Hmmm... dunno. Maybe it's how you are typing it? (shrug) I liked the poem though and commented on your site. :)

Letitia said...

Hmmm... now it's not working for me. What that heck?! (sigh) I'll have to revisit it... AGAIN. (shaking head).

Letitia said...

Bekkie's Link

Letitia said...

And... one more time: Bekkie's Link

If it works I'll try to send you the link email so you can see the code.

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