Monday Musings: April 14, 2014 - Image Prompt

Photo by Bing Wright, Broken Mirror/Evening Sky (Kodak Provia), 2012, Archival 
Inkjet Print, 70-3/4 x 56-5/8 inches

What to do: Write, film, compose, draw, paint, or otherwise express yourself based on the image above. If you are open to sharing, just put a link to your inspired creation in the comments section of this post. :)

Prompt inspired by:
I find Bing Wright's photographs extremely inspiring. Thanks also to +Eva Trillian for introducing his work to me.


Letitia Minnick said…
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Letitia Minnick said…
PS. I found a tip for getting the url's to work in comments... see The Bexter Review
Bekkie Sanchez said…
I don't get it, links do work on my Blogger sites. I hope I can follow her directions! Okay I'm gonna write for this today. Have a nice one Lettie!
Bekkie Sanchez said…
Okay I'm trying it and we'll see if it works or if I did it right. Not the best poem I've written-what do you think? I know I can get way too silly at times. Just in case it doesn't work: I had fun with this write all the same!
Didn't work I got this:
Your HTML cannot be accepted: Closing tag has no matching opening tag: A I don't know what this means sorry.
Letitia Minnick said…
Hmmm... it's a html anchor reference code. I'm not sure why it didn't work for you. Let me see: href="">Bekkie's Link

Hmmm... dunno. Maybe it's how you are typing it? (shrug) I liked the poem though and commented on your site. :)
Letitia Minnick said…
Hmmm... now it's not working for me. What that heck?! (sigh) I'll have to revisit it... AGAIN. (shaking head).
Letitia Minnick said…
And... one more time: Bekkie's Link

If it works I'll try to send you the link email so you can see the code.