Monday Musings: April 21, 2014 - Form Prompt

Prompt: Haiku

What to do: Write a haiku. A haiku is a poem consisting of three lines. The first and last line has 5 moras (or sound unit like a syllable), and the middle line has 7 moras.
While not technically a syllable, I tend to think of a mora as a syllable to make it easier on myself. ;)

Prompt inspired by: Spring and my early morning visits to the outdoors with Milo.


Bekkie Sanchez said...

Oh my gosh Lettie I made up with Yolanda and am having a blast in Diana Mary Sharpton's poetry community. We got a community of people posting and trying different forms! The community I've been waiting for and I'm a moderator. I am going to run a weekly prompt again and see if I can get people to post. I'll have a try at this! You forgot to mention that haiku is about nature. Hope your week is going well! Thanks for visiting my work!

Bekkie Sanchez said...

Here it is! Haiku's are fun!

Letitia said...

I'm happy to hear you are having fun with the new community. I'll stop in when I can (things have gotten a little dicey here as of late).

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