A Visit with Grandpa

Sacred swirls 
twirl around my toes 
as Neptune 
pulls back his beard to cast 
his frothy tresses at my feet-- 
netting my heart again 
and again. 

The surf's eternal rumbles 
caress my soul 
if only for these few precious hours. 

Inspired by: Monday Musings: June 23, 2014 - Image Prompt... and Grandpa Ocean. :) 


Andrea Dawn said...

Feeling transported . . . I am there!

Bekkie Sanchez said...

In the here and now and yet thinking of grandpa. Haven't seen you much hope all is well. Happy Birthday to Greg and take care. Hugs!

Letitia said...

I wish I still was! LOL! Thanks Andrea!

Letitia said...

I've made some choices (and had some imposed upon me) that have severely limited my computer "face time". I am still writing... just not online so much at the moment. You'll "see" me as I can grab time. ;) I hope life is getting better on your end Bekkie. Be kind to yourself. Hugs back!

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