Graham Joyce (October 22, 1954 - September 9, 2014)

It is with great sadness that I post the loss of another beautiful voice. I believe Greg said it much better than I could in is G+ post earlier this morning:

"Graham Joyce, the talented speculative fiction author I first posted about in April of this year has died of lymphatic cancer.  Graham was a winner of the British fantasy award six times in his career.  He was a Twitter friend and an inspiration to me both as someone living through a terminal disease and a writer.  His insights into the human psyche can be found on his blog at: 

His latest book and much of his work can be found on Amazon.  If you are a fan of hauntings, horrors, and the nature of man, you owe it to yourself to read Graham Joyce." 
~G. W. Huber, G+ ,Shared publicly  -  9/13/14 2:51 AM  #Books

Please also see The Guardian's article on Graham:

May there be many hugs in heaven...

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Eva Trillian said...

I just discovered Graham Joyse this summer when I found, and read, Some kind of fairytaile, a beautiful story.
Cancer is just awful, stealing all these good people away from us.

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