A Quiet Insight

he, she, it,

Something needs to change in the priority of things.


Bekkie Sanchez said...

I hope things are good Lettie I see your poetry is still awesome! I have my dream community Poet's Oasis now. I have writes everyday with a 3 day break and I have drop in writers. I have been writing every week still with Mag and because of writing with you for so long I have become accomplished at poetry writing. It means a lot and I miss you. It's too bad you can't drop in sometimes or write once a week again. I know you're busy but you alway said it was a good thing our writing. It still is. Hugs and kisses Lettie you know where to find me! ♥

Andrea Dawn said...

You still have the knack, Lettie . . . few words, huge impact. Hugs, Andrea

Andrea Dawn said...
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Inktober 52 2022 Prompts 1 - 6

                     WILD DECAY STRIPES FROG (Think Coat Toggle) SQUASH MICRO Yes... it's an octopus thing. 😉