In A Light Spring Wind

Reclining under flowering trees,
dappled sunlight dancing
on the grass,
a small robin pecking for its supper,
quiet but focused,
I breathe deep
and sneeze.

Spring Gardening

Uprooting weeds
from last year's wild flowers,
I become aware of the stare
from eight eyes full of malice.
The funnel spider
crawls the wall
clearly pondering a pounce
as a battalion of ants begin their ascent
up my pant leg.

Later, I will find satisfaction
in a job well done
and a very warm oatmeal bath.

Morning Sanctuary

Dried by wind
and kissed by snow,
sage leaves garnered from last fall's garden
smolder in the smudge pot
as Spring spirits serenade with porch chimes.

Out Sick Tuesday Turned Half-day Friday Right Before a Holiday

With leadership lacking,
the toadies take advantage.

Time ticking unobserved
tips the scale even further to those already advantaged
leaving the already accountable
to shoulder even more accountability.

An American

meaning to write
but stumbling for days,
I change the rules and right myself
to write.

I wanted to write at least one poem a day for the month of April but the weekend brought too many distractions. So... I brush myself off and begin again. ;)

My Milo [Tanka]

Top speed through the door,
around the couch, up the stairs
and back down again.
The little white dog runs free --
fully healed, happy, and home.


Longing for color,
I write poems on Post-it® notes.
My small paper petals
litter the inside cover
of a full weekly planner.

Ripples for Ewe

Make positive change
but tow the line.
Strive for excellence
but do more with less.

Corporate pebbles dropped into a sea of mediocrity,
overlapping concentric circles of status quo
accomplishing nothing.

Out In Left Field

Pop up fly...

Progress only made by
stealing bases
but all I want to do is
run home.

Tea with Pop

The scent of dry leaves
steeping brings my grandfather
to my mind's table.

Literarily Tortured

My attention,
drawn and quartered,
claws for a strand of time --
a bloody pen
pleads for a moment
of its own.

[Untitled Haiku]

cool pre-dawn breezes
and the scent of Spring blossoms
marred by the trash truck

April's Fool

The bell on my cap rang out
without warning
the joker's laugh exploded--
jeering at the very thought
that I would call myself a poet.

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