Spring Gardening

Uprooting weeds
from last year's wild flowers,
I become aware of the stare
from eight eyes full of malice.
The funnel spider
crawls the wall
clearly pondering a pounce
as a battalion of ants begin their ascent
up my pant leg.

Later, I will find satisfaction
in a job well done
and a very warm oatmeal bath.

1 comment:

Bekkie Sanchez said...

Way to celebrate spring! On my ride yesterday I got bugs in the eye twice. Lol! Lucky they just glance off. One bug was riding on my eyelashes I saw it out of the corner of my eye. That freaked me out a little. They also try to ride with me on my body and I almost feel bad brushing them off. I came home with a ladybug and let it go on my jades in the back. It's been a very buggy spring by the Bay. Just saying hi!

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