An Unexpected Homecoming

Long hallways
now familiar
end in ascending elevators.

Fear turns to trust
as friendly faces
recognize my own.

Comforting conversation
wicks away worry
as I wait
for my heart to survive the operating room.

[written for Rachael at HUP 8/23/17]


Bekkie Sanchez said...

So how have you been? It's been some time so that's a loaded question I'm sure. I miss you and think about you often. I went on a quest for good health and now that I achieved it I don't know why. Lol! What I mean is, why should I worry about such a long life when I don't have the means to live it? I know that describes a lot of people these days. I ride my bicycle 20-30 miles every other day and living in CA I can get away with it. Been doing it for almost 2 years now. Check out my pictures on my biking site: I take photos when I ride and it's a pretty trail around the San Francisco trail. I'm not ready for the holidays but I don't really celebrate anymore because it's only me. My roommate James doesn't have kids or family either. I am looking forward to and hoping for better in the New Year. I'm going through my blogroll on Bekkie In Wonderland to see what people are up to this time of year. Good to see you're still writing. Happy Holidays and take care! Hugs!

Bekkie Sanchez said...

Ok, now I'm worried. No answer on your blog. Take care I'm thinking of you.

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