Mourning Meds

Back at the end of June I made the decision to get up every morning at 4 - 4:30 and commit to a (flexible) morning routine. I needed a good kick in the pants to get out of the funk I was in and realized that my greatest flaw was my lack of commitment to self. I was going good guns until August hit and the flying monkeys in my head began screeching again. The morning routine became fraught with interruptions, doubts, and depression. I didn't stop altogether but the flow was... impeded.

This past Thursday morning, I settled myself down for a 5 minute guided meditation and had a small breakthrough... I have been pushing, dealing with ordeal after ordeal, fear after fear for so long that I've built up a substantial energy blockage - a powder-keg of emotion that won't blow (I won't allow for that, control freak that I am) but one that really needs a little relief. Five minutes of actual internal silence works better than you might think for emotional release... and poetic inspiration. ;)

Mourning Meds
Sitting still,
I allowed myself to be guided
into silence.

When she told me to "breathe mindfully,"
I heard "grieve" instead of "breathe"
and so I did.

Choose to be happy. Experience peace. Know that you are loved. ~Lettie

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