The intention...

I KNOW there is a ton of creativity out there. I follow it in all its different shapes, forms, colors and languages (even when I have no idea what they are saying) and I promote the efforts of others as much as I can. That being said, I've been sitting in the shadows for quite a while now and with the demise of G+ I've decided I'm not willing to let the spirit of that connected community just wither. So, I'm going to make you an offer...

Each week I'll post a "creative cue" here at The Rogue Nun and share it on Twitter (@MinnickLetitia) and maybe Instagram (letitiaminnick). Anyone who makes use of the prompt by way of writing, sketching, painting, photography, music, dance, fiber arts... ANYTHING creative can submit his/her/zis work by sending a link (or a copy of the piece if you have no link) to Use "Creative Cue" and the prompt in the subject line. I will add a new page to the blog entitled "Prompted" where I'll post EVERY submission link with a short description if possible (feel free to send whatever info you would like included and I promise to consider it). I will also take one submission per cue to feature the following week on the main blog page.

Ambitious? Maybe. It's really up to you.

One disclaimer: As much as I despise censorship of any kind, I will be adding a warning to those submissions I determine to be "adult only" content. I sincerely want to have this blog accessible to everyone and anyone and it's important to me to keep the opportunity available to young artists too. :)

Ready for the first creative cue?

Throwing Rocks

Gate's open...

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