Zentangle Project Pack No. 08 - Day 7

A Zentangle garden? Again, I put my own slant on it...I guess I just wanted it to be an "organic" garden. ;)

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Bekkie Sanchez said...

Such beautiful art you've done. You are a talented person in many fields, why am I not surprised? Why did you stop writing? I did too, I spent a few years not doing a thing except writing about bicycles and such. Barely keeping my blogs up to date. I am so crazy about my bike riding it's done so much for my life I still can't believe it. To some, it seems I'm doing it for sport but it means so much more. It brought changes in my life that changed me forever. Just 5 short years ago I was in such a sad, small, space. Have you ever thought of putting some of these designs on T-shirts or clothes? This one would look great on a jean jacket. I hope all is well with you. I doubt I told you but I had both of my knees replaced last August and it's like I'm young again I can bike better, use stairs and so much more. I've been basically crippled with crooked legs for decades and now they're straight. It's unreal. This virus is so scary! Stay safe!

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