Hello... it's been a while.

We are almost at the end of September and I realize I haven't posted here since June. This pandemic continues to confound. It's been a little over six months...

Greg and I are still basically self-quarantined in our home. I am working remote full time (and very grateful for my current employment). We take turns walking Atticus at least three times a day and I have gone into the office a handful of times to handle physical logistics. Besides that... a trip to the post office to drop off cards and letters... a trip to the pharmacy to pick up Greg's prescriptions... a couple of groomer appointments to keep Atty from becoming Cousin It and a drive to the park now and then to remember that there is still a world more than a couple of blocks from our front door. We are fortunate to be able to have our groceries delivered (and to be able to afford that) and it's good that we cohabitate well.

Six months.

The next few posts will feature some poetry and artwork I've worked on since June. I'll try to present more content more often... I sincerely hope you and all you hold dear are well and finding the light and love and happiness in life.

With kindness,

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