Pride Month 2021

I've been an staunch ally for the LGBTQ+ community since high school ('87 grad so... it's been a long time) and I've always believed that love is never wrong. Like, NEVER wrong... even when it isn't soft and pretty and looking like what societal labels and norms dictate it "should" be.

In 2014, my best bud asked me to be her maid of honor (again...but we really don't need to mention that) and she and her (now) wife not only arranged to fly me across the country to be there but they blessed me with the honor of taking part in what has to be the most beautiful, honest, and heartfelt wedding ceremony I could ever hope to witness. Weddings usually make me cringe more than cry but I couldn't stop tearing up on that gorgeous December day in California. I was (and am) so happy for two of the most wonderful, caring, loving (not to mention important) people in my life. My eyes well up thinking about it now. 

So, when Pride Month came this year, I wanted to honor it in some small way as the ally that I am. Julie and Deb, consider this Zentangle-inspired art yet another "thank you". Shine bright my lovelies and be forever affectionate. You are my muses much more than you could ever know.

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