Five Minute Friday: Grateful

Stuck Black Friday on Route 22.
Just getting across town to ambush
an unsuspecting uncle with a shoo-fly pie
and healthy helping of post-Thanksgiving love,
I couldn’t help but notice the turkey buzzard
flying overhead as shoppers honked and cursed
and jostled for the next slot to the mall parking lot—
rampant consumerism pushing past Thanksgiving
and squeezing the life out of Christmas…
We shake our heads at impatience as we listen
to Jethro Tull’s “Jack Frost And The Hooded Crow”
and finally break free of traffic to travel
long back roads past fallow fields and old red barns
to sit at the table talking of old times,
grateful to extend Thanksgiving another day.


Julie Sunne said...

Your uncle must have been so grateful to have you visit him. In my mind, a much better way to spend Black Friday than shopping! Thanks for sharing.

Andrea Dawn said...

I love your perspective here . . . and can imagine your relief as you pulled free of the traffic and hit the back roads. Great writing, Lettie.

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