Love at Lunchtime: Inspired by PSH Poetry Prompt 4-9-13

I watch in the side view mirror
as he sits at the top of the back stairs
head slightly cocked
white ears perked
dark eyes bright
for the moment the engine stops growling
and mama opens the car door
to tear down the concrete path
and dance on his hind legs
snuffling kisses while his tiny tail
threatens to wag off.

The prompt for April 9, 2013 was submitted by Michelle Angelini from Hollywood, California: "Relationships: dogs & their humans"


Andrea Dawn said...

No puppies here and the displays of affection are different but my kitten Gracie definitely knows when I am coming and going. She has been sticking very close to me during this time of not feeling so good.

I'm smiling at the picture you have painted here, Letitia. Such unconditional love they have for their humans.

Letitia said...

Our four-legged furry son is vital to our little family. Right now he is laying between my feet wanting my attention and my protection from the thunder. Gracie knows you need her... such a good girl. :)

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