Off the Wrong Side of the Bed: Inspired by PSH Poetry Prompt 4-8-13

Floating in a haze of disbelief,
I parade along a bank of seven story cabinets
and feel the stack of files
multiplying exponentially in my arms.
I weave around electricians' legs
dangling from the ceiling at odd angles
and maintenance workers laying crappy carpet
over brand new marble tiles.
A flock of shirts and skirts
pass titillating tidbits
at the water cooler--
peering out like pigeons
all at once
to throw disgusted daggers
from their beady little eyes.
Dropping the files, now
too heavy for my hands,
I hurry to hide in the bathroom
only to find it closed for cleaning.
My cubicle,
a final refuge,
stretches beyond my reach
as a raffle basket rushes past
proclaiming the praises of the United Way
and strobe lights scream a sudden siren
as my alarm clock reminds me
it's Monday.

The prompt for April 8, 2013 was submitted by Fern G.Z. Carr from Kelowna, Canada: "Write a poem whereby you turn a nightmarish situation to your advantage:  ex. You awake to find yourself completely naked at an important job interview.  Incorporate the word “titillating” into your poem."

Okay, so I didn't really turn a nightmarish situation to my advantage... but I did incorporate "titillating" into the poem. ;)

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