Marking Books: 11/22/63 by Stephen King

Greg said that he wasn't interested in reading a book about the Kennedy assassination even if it was written by Stephen King. Then, my best bud out there in California sent 11/22/63 our way saying she liked it and that is wasn't what Greg thought it was. Julie's recommendations rarely miss when it comes to books and movies and she certainly wasn't wrong about this one.

Yes, the Kennedy assassination is addressed in this book but 11/22/63 is not about JFK. It is about a high school English teacher who finds himself thrown into a skewed reality that blurs both past and present. With 11/22/63Stephen King strings together yet another page-turner -- all 849 of them with accompanying questions for discussion, author Q & A, a playlist, and a menu with recipes. As the story unfolds through the eyes of Jake Epping (our reluctant would-be hero), Stephen King pulls the reader back and forth through time as small (and not-so-small) choices have cataclysmic consequences down the line. The truth of the human condition -- all the dirty, clean, loving, hating, horrible, beautiful mess that it is -- unfolds masterfully as Mr. King unveils the simple reality that there are no easy answers.

I wouldn't classify 11/22/63 as "horror" so much as a suspenseful drama where you think you know the history but quickly realize that history, like everything else, is relative. I definitely recommend this one (having read to Greg until I was hoarse on more than one occasion) and send out a huge "Thank you" to Woo for forwarding the book all the way from California.


Andrea Dawn said...

Sounds like a great read, Letitia. Sorry I missed all your poetry month posts . . . I was in the hospital until yesterday. Once again I enjoyed your poems and am especially interested in trying the push-pin method.

Letitia said...

Goodness Andrea, I hope you are fairing better now. Pace yourself, luv. The book really is a good one and I skipped the weekend prompts... they just didn't inspire me. ;) Thank you always for your support and please take care of yourself.

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