Pondering Divinity

Sometimes I wonder if
God is watching as we wade
through those parts of our lives like
ants in molasses.
I wonder if, as we flail
and kick and curse
in fierce determination
to meet some esoteric goal,
God props Himself up on his elbows
to witness - fascinated as a child
and entertained by the struggle
or if he merely shrugs
and walks away,
knowing our choices
bear their own consequences.


Eva Trillian said...

When I read this, my soul nods - recognizing the way of thinking, and my heart screams NO - never - not ever shrugging, not ever walking away!

Letitia said...

Merely pondering free will and our choice to struggle, Eva. :) I hear so often when tragedy strikes, "Where is God?" And I think to myself, perhaps, He is asking, "Where are they and what were they thinking?" ;) I've been fighting with my disappointment with what seems to be a lack of integrity in society as of late... And... There is much to be grateful for such as your visit. Thanks for stopping.

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