Bent on Being Banned: Inspired by PSH Poetry Prompt 4-29-13

So the cops booked me on trumped up charges
and I find myself in a Catch-22.
Out on the Animal Farm,
I walked among The Color Purple
to meet The Catcher in the Rye
when The Lord of the Flies came
To Kill a Mockingbird and
instead stumbled on a Brave New World
where The Sun Also Rises,
and killed me instead.
As I Lay Dying, giving A Farewell to Arms
and a host of mea culpas,
the EMS arrived and declared me An American Tragedy.
As Their Eyes Were Watching God,
this Native Son came back from the brink
and penned an end to them all In Cold Blood.
Now, sitting in the slammer,
I sing a Song of Solomon,
my mind now Gone with the Wind
and I’m damned if I’ll talk...

The prompt for April 29, 2013 was submitted by Suzanne Lummis from Los Angeles, California: "A prompt inspired by Suzanne Lummis’ essay defining the poem noir, forthcoming in Malpais Review: Write a poem that begins 'So the cops booked me on trumped up charges' and ends 'I'm damned if I'll talk'. Somewhere along the way the poet must incorporate one foreign phrase or word, or words."

Okay... Latin counts as foreign , yes? ;) For more information on banned and challenged books, see The American Library Association or simply use any search engine to look up a list of banned and challenged books.

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