The Silk Beauty: Inspired by PSH Poetry Prompt 4-30-13

When I was small
the mimosa tree stood tall
and graceful in our front yard--
its long fans of leaves
and puffy pink flowers marked
my pathway to faerie-land.

The neighbor would complain
long after the rain
of the mess of flowers
clogging his windshield wipers
and would curse the way the seeds
would spread like weeds
in everybody's garden.

When the trunk cracked
at the branching "Y"
I mourned and watched the axe
close yet another door
to Neverland.

The prompt for April 30, 2013 was submitted by Stanley H. Barkan from Merrick, New York: "Write a poem about the trees of your childhood..."

The last prompt for National Poetry Month 2013... let's see if I can keep it going.

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