Prompt Tuesday: May 7, 2013

Le troisième cavalier

The black horse trudges every track,
a cloud of dust raised
from each plodding hoof
on would-be well tended land.

Its rider, with weighing scales clanking,
whispers darkness on the wind--
encouraging the corporate farmers
to let growing fields lay fallow
and alter grain for yield
regardless of nutrition.

His skinless grin
and empty sockets survey
the line of women walking,
suffering harassment,
forever risking rape,
to collect contaminated
water for their families.

A human right means nothing
to a servant of apocalyptic greed.

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Andrea Dawn said...

Did you hear that? That's the sound of my jaw dropping. Once again, with minimal strokes of your word-brush you have painted an incredibly profound picture of that which is so prevalent today. I wish more people were exposed to you and your amazing talent. Blessings to you and yours this weekend.

Letitia said...

Your words humble me Andrea. Thank you. I am reaching out and writing more again and have even just received word that one of my pieces as been accepted into an anthology (I'll post that when it is actually in print). So... your comments hold me up and give me confidence to continue. Thank you for giving me your time, attention, and support. May you have a beautiful Mother's Day. :)

Eva Trillian said...

I read this yesterday. Had it rumbling around in my brain all night ...
It scares me with it's meaning - wakes me up! I like that!
You are profoundly good with words!

Letitia said...

The meaning scares and anger me too. :) There is a lot of social commentary I would like to address in my poetry but I am wary of people thinking I am an activist. LOL! My heart simply bleeds for the atrocities I can see but am helpless to stop. Thank you always for you kindness Eva. :)

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