Back in Black (Print that is...)

I am very happy to announce that my poem, "A Memory of Madrid" has been selected to be one of the works included in the newly released anthology Ekphrastia Gone Wild: Poems Inspired by Art (Ain't Got No Press, 2013). The collection features 87 poets from around the globe, including the Nobel Prize winning poet Wislawa Szymborska (click here for the complete list of contributors).

To make an already exciting celebration that much more thrilling, there is (dare I say it) a "movement" to bring Ekphrastia Gone Wild to the attention of every 9th and 10th Grade English teacher in the United States. With the new Common Core Educational Standard being adopted by schools all over the country, there is one requiring 9th and 10th graders to examine a poem alongside a work of art that inspired it and I personally feel (no bias here, mind you) Ekphrastia Gone Wild: Poems Inspired by Art would fit the bill quite nicely (see: English Language Arts Standards » Grade 9-10 » 7 ).The idea that these poems could be included as part of regular course study boggles my mind (in a good way).

If you have any connections to 9th and 10th grade English teachers, English department chairs and/or curriculum developers in your community and would like to help make this anthology an essential resource for their classes, please contact Rick Lupert at Ain't Got No Press (or me, if that is more comfortable for you).

I am honored to be a part of Ekphrastia Gone Wild: Poems Inspired by Art and humbly thank Rick in appreciation of his poetic efforts and vision. Please visit Poetry Superhighway as well as Lupert: It's The Website for more on this extremely talented and hilariously unique poet and editor.

To get your copy of Ekphrastia Gone Wild: Poems Inspired by Art, order directly through the Ain't Got No Press website or from

And... thank you for all of your support. Without those of you who have believed in me (for quite a few years now), I wouldn't have the confidence to "put it all out there" (and here) in the first place. :)


Andrea Dawn said...

Congratulations, Letitia . . . so very happy for you! Have you posted your selected piece here before? Is there a link? I would love to read it. Hurray for you!

Letitia said...

Thanks Andrea! No, I haven't posted the poem anywhere but check your email. ;)

Eva Trillian said...

Congratulations :)
Happy for you and curious to read the poem I discovered that you do not have a searchfield on your blog - but reading the comment before mine I found thet it wouldn't have been any use anyway ;) But you will post it? Eventually? ;)

Letitia said...

Thanks Eva!
I guess I should clarify (for the masses LOL!)... the poetry I write to submit for publication I don't post. I keep what I self-publish here on the blog separate from what is published elsewhere -- it is important to me to delineate the difference between the two. So, you will not find any of the pieces that are "in print" here on the blog. However, as I replied to Andrea above... check your email. I wouldn't keep the piece from those who have been so supportive. ;)

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